Surrounding of our hostel is not completely silent due to our location but you will appreciate comfortable accommodation for reasonable prices almost in the city centre. If you travel by bus you´ll accommodate in a few minutes. There is minimarket and gas station in nearby. Guarded parking is not included in price of accommodation. Surrounding area of hostel offers wide range of restaurants, cafés and bars/beerhouses. There is musical theatre and Museum of capital city Prague in our neighborhood. Supermarket, fast-foods, café and other services are nearby.


If you would like to experience the most authentic Prague in short time, Karlín district will give you a pretty good taste of what it's like to live in Prague. Some of the locals' favorite cafes, restaurants and bars are in this neighborhood, and the city center is not too far away either.


Žižkov has been very popular among students, artists and musicians for long time. As you walk through its streets, you will find no shortage of quirky cafes and edgy art galleries.

Although many of its streets and buildings have a somewhat neglected and shabby feel, it will not take long for you to be mesmerized by the cheeky, rebellious charm of this area. The center of town can often feel like an over-priced, manufactured playground for tourists and if you want to get away from all that, you will not do match better than Žižkov.

Republic Square

Take a walk through the historical city center of Prague and see some of its highlights - the Municipal House, Palladium and Kotva shopping malls (both housed in architectonically interesting buildings), or the Czech National Bank. This square also offers a variety of restaurants, cafés and bistros, if you get hungry.

The Republic Square, which is a dividing line between Old and New Town, is located only a short walk away from the famous Old Town Square. If you walk from there, you will go by the impressive Powder Tower, a sight worth stopping by. The square is also easily accessible via the metro - it has its own station.


In the heart of Prague

Pod Výtopnou 367/2, 186 00 Praha 8


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